Friday, 26 April 2013

Controversy Trails 2face’s Donation To Charity

photoFollowing 2face’s donating his traditional wedding coffee colour branded cap and shoes with the inscription “2Baba” to charity, his fans seem to be torn in two directions as to the reason behind such move.
While larger percentage of fans kept lashing out at what the heck helpless children stand to gain from his cap and shoes, others think 2face’s shoes and cap stand a chance of being priced higher by the rich.

With more negative reactions coming in, the tide seems to go contrary to the kind gesture earlier thought to have been extended to children in need by Tuface Idibia.
According to criticisms that kept pouring in from fans, many think instead of Tuface actually putting those items up for auction before giving the proceeds to charity, he should either give from his fat account or  sell those items without anyone notice and then take the money to charity.
A fan simply identified as Prince Charming says “The intended cause is a good one, but the items to be sold don’t fit the profile of what should be auctioned especially in Nigeria. If it’s in the States or Europe it would be a different thing, but here? Nah! Something more rare and one of a kind would have been better, I am sorry but those items don’t fit that criteria.”
Another fan who claims anonymous says “You have no understanding. The kids at the charity won’t wear them. Don’t you know how important 2baba is? Some big men would love to have his shoes or cap in a glass box for beautification and historical purposes. So, they can pay any amount. It’s that money that will go to charity.”
Meanwhile, others like ejikebigger simply transferred the aggression of him not having the opportunity of attending 2face’s wedding to lash out. “Nonsense! Does donating cap change the fact that he went to Dubai so he can deny fans the chance to drink at least one bottle of coke during his wedding? Abeg(please) 2face, go and take several seats joor.”
It would be recalled that, according to MD of Kaymu, 2face donated his cap and shoes to be auctioned for charity immediately he returned from Dubia, after his wedding to Annie. 
The coffee color branded cap and shoe with the inscription “2Baba” is now being auctioned on Kaymu and can be won by any of 2Face’s fans through bidding.


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