Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Shaves off her Hair for a new Movie Role

Chika-Ike-Shaves-hair-1Nollywood actresses shaving their heads to properly depict a role in a movie is definitely not something new in the industry. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise when it was reported that Chika Ike received a whopping five million Naira cheque to do the deed for her new role in “Moment of Tears”.

Chika-Ike-Shaves-hair-2 Chika-ike-shaves-hair-3 Chika-Ike-Shaves-hair-4
However, back in 2011, BN took a little trip into the history of hair shaving in Nollywood {click here} and carried out a mini-survey to find out how many people would shave off all their hair for art, style or money.
With a larger percentage of the substantial votes saying that they would indeed shave their hair, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more actresses going bald for roles; because sometimes, bald caps just don’t suffice.
Here are some photos of other actresses that have been paid to shave their hair for movie roles.
Oge Okoye
Nuella Njubigbo

Adaora Ukoh
                                                                                                                                                       Queen Nwokoye & Rukaya Moshood
On the other hand,  here are some who did it for non-movie reasons.
For Style’s sake
Anita Joseph
To Raise Cancer Awareness
Halima Abubakar


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