Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Artist Creates World’s Smallest Sculpture

VIDEO: Artist Creates World’s Smallest SculptureRenowned artist Willard Wigan has created the smallest sculpture in the world.
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The material, of which the artist has created it, is a spec of face hair.
The tiny artwork measures 3 microns and is visible only through a microscope.
VIDEO: Artist Creates World’s Smallest Sculpture
55-year-old Willard is already famous for his pinhead sculptures that fit in the eye of a needle, but his new creation has gone beyond all expectations.
The inspiration came suddenly one day as the artist was shaving.
When he noticed tiny hair stubble embedded in his fingerprint, he got the idea to use it as a canvas in order to create the world’s smallest artwork, something that no one had ever seen before.
With the help of micro-tools, he removed the hair from his finger and started working on it through a microscope.
He spent five weeks, 16 hours, every day work in order to complete the project.
Willard worked with a tiny high-precision tool, holding his breath and heartbeat to create the sculpture.
After hundreds of hours of painstaking and tedious work, he sculpted a golden chopper motorcycle over the hair.
The microscopic chopper is smaller than a human blood cell!
"It drove me mad to do. I burst a blood vessel in my eye, staring so hard through the microscope.
It has been one of my most challenging projects ever. I have surpassed what I even thought I was capable of, "said Willard, when he completed his work.
VIDEO: Artist Creates World’s Smallest Sculpture
The tiny chopper will "travel" around the world so that the entire planet finally sees that size does matters.


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