Wednesday, 22 May 2013

First Julius Agwu, Now AY! Are Autobiographies the New Frontier for Nigerian Comedians?

AY comedian
“Ohon! ohon!” Wouldn’t you like to take a peek in “AY’s diary”?
Following in the footsteps of one of Africa’s comedy greats, Julius Agwu, Ayo Makun, more popularly known as the comedian AY, is currently working on his autobiography. He’s aptly titled it, “AY’s Diary: Just Laugh” so I’m guessing we should be ready for a little bit of gossip here and there.
But, this brings a barrage of questions to mind. From what I recall, most autobiographies are written by icons from different walks of life in their old age. For example, Nelson Mandela‘s “Long Walk to
Freedom” was published in 1994 when he was about 76 years old and Bill Clinton‘s “My Life”
was published in 2004 when he was about 58 years old.
So, why do our relatively young comedians feel the need to take us on a journey through their lives. Even widely celebrated comedian Richard Pryor‘s “Pryor Convictions: And Other Life Sentences” wasn’t published until 1997 when he was about 57 years old.
What do you guys think?


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