Thursday, 9 May 2013

Funmi Iyanda On The Covers Of Genevieve Magazine

Words fail us! Ever imagined a situation or a person that’s way too iconic for words to describe? No? Well, guess I have to give you a slight education on that: That person is way ahead of language, that person is…
Funmi Iyanda!
Reason is because describing her with just words aren’t enough. Media strongwoman, philanthropist, altruist, entrepreneur, motivator, inspiration, champion, activist…and all the entire rap sheet of all adjectives for geniuses don’t sum up. They come up short when they make an attempt to capture the essence of Funmi, the phenomenon.
Hence she gets just a run out on the covers of Genevieve Magazine. And a fitting one it is. Look
into this heroine, and let the brilliance of her achievement, her bravery, guts and balls inspire you!


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