Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Paul Okoye & His 2nd Baby Mama During The Good Days

Remember yesterday, Paul denied through his publicist knowing his second baby mama, 19 year old Elshama Igbanoi. Well, here is a picture of Paul and Peter Okoye with Elshama.
Linda reports 19 year old Elshama Igbanoi’s baby was actually born April 7th in the UK, four days before Paul Okoye and his girlfriend Anita welcomed their son, Andre, in Atlanta.
Elshama’s mum has confirmed that P-Square’s Paul Okoye is indeed the father of Elshama’s son but didn’t want to give more details.
And contrary to earlier reports that Elshama is stranded in the hospital because she’s unable to pay her bills, they are out of the hospital and chilling at home.
The baby’s birth certificate bears Paul Okoye’s name.

The Okoyes are still not saying anything about the issue. In fact, someone from their camp said they do not plan to issue a statement or react to the story in any way.


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