Saturday, 20 July 2013

Yvonne Nelson __ I Wasn’t Used And Dumped

For sexy Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, heartbreak is a painful experience best avoided. Not exactly in the mood to relive her sensational breakup with popular Afro-hip hop act, Iyanya, she ended up doing so just to set the records straight. The actress was in the country to premiere her latest movie, “House of Gold” at the Silverbird Cinema, Lagos, yesterday, and shares on sundry issues. Now bears Nigerian name, Damilola: Excerpts:

How are you enjoying your stay in Nigeria?
Did I tell you I’m half-Nigerian and half-Ghanaian? I was given a Nigerian name recently which makes me half-Nigerian. My Nigerian name is Damilola. It has been wonderful, I always say Nigeria is like a home for me. When I’m here, I do not feel like going back home again. But it’s just that everything seems to be faster here.

You are in the country to premiere your latest movie. What’s the movie all about?

The movie is titled, ‘House of Gold.’ It is a family-oriented comedy, and I want people to come and see two  of Africa’s  music stars  Ice Prince and Omawumi make their debut in a movie. I produced the movie  in partnership with  Media Ghana.
“House of Gold” tells the story of Dan Ansah Williams, a high-flying entrepreneur, business mogul, polygamist and socialite who is battling with cancer and has six  weeks to live. With the help of his long-time associate and legal representative, he embarks on a mission to recall all his children, most of whom were born out of wedlock, back home. Dan’s last wish is to have all his children under one roof for seven  days so they will get to know one another and bond due to the fact that they share the same blood line. However, that reunion proves a little more than everyone bargained for as each child indeed returns with an agenda, and this sets the stage for the most hilarious and bizarre seven days of their lives. I’m urging people to come  and see the movie  because  they are going to laugh and have a nice time.

How did you get Ice Prince and Omawumi to star in the  movie?
It was very challenging given the fact that they are busy people, always performing at shows. I have my own way of doing things. I spoke to them and they gave me their time and schedules, so I worked with it. We spent about 15 days on set.

Your first movie, ‘Single and Married’ was also directed by Paschal Amanfo, what do you have with him?

Paschal is one of the best directors in Ghana.  He is a very straightforward director and it’s very easy working with him. You would like to work with somebody who helps make things go  smoothly while on set.

What’s your experience like working with Ice Prince and Omawumi on set?
They were amazing on set. Ice Prince was the one who really shocked me because he had a show a night before joining us on set. He did not even sleep, as he took the next flight to Ghana and the moment he stormed the set, he started reading his script and mastering his lines. Omawumi was so good that I was tempted to ask her why she’s not into acting in Nigeria. I also had the funniest Nigerian actor,Francis Odega, on set.

Why did you decide to star the duo in your film?
It’s my own marketing strategy as a producer. I believe they have their own fan base  and audiences. I wanted to spice up things. When you watch my movie, my cast are usually very interesting. People  are sick and tried of seeing the same Nollywood and Ghollywood faces in our movies. I could have used notable Nollywood actors, but I just wanted to spice up things because I don’t think people are expecting what they are definitely  going to see in the movie.

Controversies have  been trailing your acting career in recent times; from your break-up with Iyanya to accusations that you bleached your body and more recently, an article  posted online where you lamented that Iyanya used and dumped you. Why all these controversies?
Did anybody hear me say that? Nobody used and dumped me. As journalists, you should  know that your colleagues are fond of using sensational headlines to drag traffic to their blogs and websites. At the end of the day, I did not say somebody used and dumped me. I don’t remember  saying anything like that.

But what actually happened between you and Iyanya?

I guess it is out there. I granted two interviews on this whole thing; Bella Naija and Toolz(The Juice). I don’t want to repeat myself. My interviewers took what they wanted to take away from the interviews I granted them. I don’t have any control over what they decide to publish or put out there.

You have moved on after the break -up?
It happened last year. The reason I granted those interviews was to let my fans know the truth about what transpired between Iyanya and myself. Sometimes, one’s fans desire to know what’s happening to their idol.


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