Thursday, 5 September 2013

Davido responds to ‘rich dad’ statements.

Davido addresses ‘rich dad’ commentsIt’s no secret that Davido’s father is a wealthy man but it seems the young star doesn’t like it when people associate his musical success with his father’s achievements. Earlier this week Forbes announced the top ten most bankable artists in Africa and they conveniently left out Davido. The “Gobe” singer wasn’t too pleased by this but the drama didn’t stop there.

Soon after word of his omission hit the streets, people started tweeting him that he didn’t deserve to be on the list because he inherited his success and didn’t work for it himself. Davido promptly responded to the allegations in a series of tweets that read, “I'm jus a young N*gga doin wat I love! And I know wat I went thru to get here money or no money!” and “Why be mad that my pops got money. Sorry ain't my fault! Focus on the music! Damn sh*t gets annoying!”


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