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Mba’s transfer saga: Amaju threatens to head for CAS

Mba’s transfer saga: Amaju threatens to head for CAS
The transfer imbroglio raging between Premier League side, Rangers International Football Club of Enugu and Warri Wolves, may take a worrisome dimension, as the management of the Delta State club has warned that it has evidence to drag both the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the Flying Antelopes to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to prove its ownership of Sunday Mba.

Fielding questions from the media in Abuja yesterday, Chairman, Delta State Sports Commission, Mr Amaju Pinnick, warned that the federation or Rangers would not intimidate Wolves into giving up on the ownership tussle, insisting that with the documents and evidence at their disposal, the club was ready to explore any legal option to prove its case.
Asked what the club would do should the federation rule that Mba belongs to Rangers, Pinnick replied: “All we expected the NFF to do was to appeal to Warri Wolves not to make things difficult for Rangers and the player in question. “We have so many evidence to claim the ownership of Mba if the NFF decides to erroneously declares him a Rangers players.
“With the documents and evidence in our hands, we can take it up to the level of the CAS to ensure that we prove our ownership of Mba,” he warned. “It does not end at resolving that Mba is not a Wolves’ player. There are some evidences to prove their resolution.
If they said that Mba was not our player, there were things that were sinister that must be unveiled. Of course, we will follow it with due diligence. We can go to the NFF Appeal Committee and if the committee uphold that Mba is not our player, then we will take our case to CAS.
“But, we should also know that there is what we call the Nigerian factor. I can assure you that the federation will rule in our favour because the only document they brandished was the contract Mba purportedly signed in 2006 to 2014, which contravenes the FIFA Status. , which states that a player cannot sign contract more than five years,” he noted.
Commenting further on the protracted transfer saga, Pinnic said: “Sunday Mba’s case is very regrettable because it is clear and crystal that he is Warri wolves players.
But, we do not want to dwell much on that because I can assure you that within the next one week, a pronouncement will be made by the NFF and we know that that pronouncement will clear all the issues surrounding the player.”
“We do not expect the NFFto negotiate with Rangers as they did in their first pronouncement. How can we negotiate with Rangers over our own player? If it is pronounced that Mba belongs to Warri wolves, the NFF has no right to determine whether we will sell him to Rangers or not. It behoves on us to determine what we want to do with him, if we are selling, at what price and so on.
“The duty of the NFF is to determine the ownership of the player and there it ends. They do not have the right to determine who buys him. We believe in the leadership of the NFF and though it has delayed much in determining the right owners of the player, we believe this time around justice delayed will not be justice denied. We are ready to receive the player very warmly to the fold of Warri, where he rightfully belong, but it will this time around take the role of the NFF to let him off the hook,” he said.
Speaking on whether Wolves will still sell Mba to Rangers, he quipped: “If we must sell him, we should first look at the value of the player, we believe in the sanctity of the game. We must underline the fact this boy has a future, but because he has become a star in one championship does not give him the room for impunity or behave above the law.” “Warri Wolves has so many other players and we believe that Mba is not bigger any of them. We believe that he has a future and we want to support him build his future.
We will have to come out in a management meeting to determine the real value the player, if we make up our minds to sell him at last for the interest of his future career. “We know Rangers for example cannot afford a N100 million for Sunday Mba, we may decided to sell him for N20 million or N15 million or certain amount which the club can afford, but with a clause of 50 percentage from his subsequent transfer fee.
We are not hard or difficult on Mba or Rangers, but what reject is the kind of pranks and antics which Rangers brought into the whole issue. “But, definitely we know that it can happen because we know that there are rule guiding football and the NFF on their own must follow the statutes which is clear in its section 5 and 17 (3) respectively as regard the transfer of players.
We cannot be intimidated by either the NFF or Rangers over Sunday Mba,” he warned.


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